How's your June going so far? If you're here in the UK with us, it's been a bit of a damp squib.

Still, if the prospect of heading out into the wind and the rain to vote on your country's future isn't filling you Brits with joy, why not consider loading up a couple of new mobile games on your phone for the journey? I'm sure Jeremy and Theresa are doing the same.

And our fellow pocket gamers in other countries? Well, don't worry about all that political nonsense. Just play some of these games.

There's one iOS game that dominates this week, which has left the rest of the roster looking understandably spartan. But here are some games to consider.

Monument Valley 2
By ustwo - buy on iOS

We don't ordinarily offer a conclusive endorsement on this bit, but Monument Valley 2 is no ordinary game. It's a beautiful, thoughtful, tactile revelation of a thing. Buy it.

Mushroom Heroes
By Serkan Bakar - buy on iOS / download on Android

There are plenty of puzzle platformers with retro visuals on mobile, but Mushroom Heroes throws in the ability to switch between three heroes, each with a different ability.

Super Nano Jumpers
Xigma Games - download on iOS

Eloquently described as a "hard as nails retro platformer," Super Nano Jumpers looks to be the kind of blood pressure-troubling autorunner we can get onboard with.

Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak
By GameSpire - download on iOS / download on Android

Monument Valley 2 just too pretty and contemplative for you? Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak might be able to supply your zombie-shooting fix.

Simple Knights
By Madcat Games - download on iOS / download on Android

It's another idle/clicker game - but with a cutesy Final Fantasy-meets-Minecraft art style and some JRPG trimmings.

Farming Simulator 18
By Giants Software - buy on iOS / buy on Android

Farming Simulator 18 (18!) lets you tootle around in a variety of farmyard machinery, harvesting crops, maintaining livestock, selling your product to market, and generally living life in the fast lane.

GX Monsters
By FunGeneration - download on iOS / download on Android

This one looks to be another of those casual side-on multiplayer racers - but with a bit of a Mad Max flavour.

Fancy Cats Solitaire
By Genix Lab - download on iOS / download on Android

Cats playing cards seems to be a thing now (see also Shuffle Cats), so here's one for all you Solitaire-playing feline fans. We know you're out there.

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker
By CapPlay - download on iOS / download on Android

An attractive clicker with a colourful sci-fi theme.

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