With Team17 (The Escapists/Worms) being super-duper sneaky, they've just launched the popular PC game Penarium on iOS and Android.

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Penarium is a marvelously sadistic circus extravaganza by Self Made Miracle where you take on the form of an antihero, Willy. Trapped in an insane death-show-of-a-circus, Willy has to jump, run, and generally avoid killer traps as an audience cheers out, more for his blood than for his survival.

Apart from the 30 single-player campaign levels and three arcade survival levels to beat, you'll also have online leaderboards to top and a bunch of achievements to unlock.

Currently available on Steam, with relatively good reviews, you can now grab Penarium on the App Store for £1.99/$1.99 or on Google Play for a similar price.