After the premium but short-lived experience of Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem: Heroes is definitely better received. However through its frequent updates it looks like Nintendo's got more news to share in a stream coming tomorrow.

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According to Nintendo Everything the stream will only last 10 minutes and we have absolutely no idea what sort of things will be included. We just know it'll "deliver the latest information".

As NE pointed out, it's only been announced in Japan but it's likely to affect the game worldwide whatever news is shared. We'll keep you update if we learn more.

The stream begins at 12:30 PM, Tokyo time, but if you'd like to get on it yourselves tune in on the video above at:

  • 8:30 PM, PT

  • 11:30 PM, ET

  • 4:30 AM, UK

  • 5:30 AM, Europe

Please bear in mind that it's highly likely the stream will be in Japanese without other lingual alternatives.

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