For a while now we've been running a feature that picks out the best iOS and Android games from the previous week. It's our little curated round-up of the games you should ideally be playing.

But we're also mindful that this misses out on the buzz of launch day - typically Thursday for iOS games - and that we often leave out a lot of perfectly decent games.

That's why we're going to be running a new feature that quickly runs through some of the most interesting games of the week. Not all of these games will be great. Some may even be awful. But hopefully it'll give you a better idea of the comings and goings on the unruly sprawl that is the App Store and Google Play Store.

It's a pretty quiet week to start with, but in future these lists will stretch as long as they need to.

Transformers: Forged to Fight
By Kabam - download on iOS/download on Android

Bash robots around the head in this "exciting action-fighting RPG ". Here's hoping it's better than the movies.

Quantum Revenge
By realtech VR - download on iOS

It might sound like a James Bond film, but Quantum Revenge looks to be an intriguing mecha anime-styled twin-stick shooter.

By Gamevil - download on Android

We really liked this technically accomplished online third-person shooter when it launched on iOS a couple of years ago. Now it's out on Android.

Faily Tumbler
By Spunge Games - download on iOS

The latest Faily effort is a physics-based ragdoll game in which you must guide a hapless caveman past as many obstacles as possible.

By GalacticThumb - download on iOS

This looks to be another sharp isometric puzzler filled with moving cubes and pretty colours. You can't move for them right now.

By Oddrok - download on iOS

We told you. Here's yet another isometric puzzler filled with moving blocks - though these are styled after animals. Oink.

Pixel Drifters
By Appsolute Games - download on iOS

Pixel Drifters has a lot of things we like, including - but not limited to - squealy-tired top-down racing, retro graphics, bleepy sounds, and lots of stuff to collect.

Deep Town
By Rockbite Games - download on iOS/download on Android

Deep Town is described as a "science fiction strategy game" in which your cute AI must gather resources and build factories to make more stuff. Looks cute.

By Alper Iskender - download on iOS

And the winner for 'most colourfully arty puzzle game of the week' goes to: Polycolor. Probably.

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