Let's just get this out of the way straight off the bat. Slither.io was, and forever will be, a really, really bad game.

But it was a bad game that caught the attention of millions, and that made it a good game. Sort of.

Naturally it spawned about a million knock-offs and reskins, but the craze has now died. Surely no one would think to make anymore?

Stay out the water

Enter Piranh.io, a knock off so cheap that it didn't even bother to come up with an inventive name, let alone an original concept.

In Piranh.io, you swim your piranha around human-infested waters, eating them up and growing in size as you do.

As a twist on the formula, once you hit a certain point, you shrink back to normal size, but your point multiplier is increased, allowing you to earn more while being at risk of being eaten by another piranha.

Another twist on Slither.io is that there are power-ups to collect too, which allow you to shoot other piranhas with laser beams, duck under water for a bit, or gain a temporary shield, to name a few.

No, seriously, stay out of the water

The overall game, however, plays much like Slither.io. There are two controls schemes: a virtual joystick, which you should never use, and something akin to classic Slither.io controls, which don't work.

To use boosts and power-ups, you have to hold one finger on the sreen, then tap and hold with another to use boost, or double-tap to use a power-up.

It may not sound like a big difference, but it's far less intuitive than Slither.io, and makes it just that bit harder to actually play.

The power-ups sound good in theory, but for some reason they're weighted towards ducking underwater, which is useless because other piranhas just follow you until you pop back up anyway.

And it's just a dull, bland copy of a game that didn't need another copy. It would be generous to call the graphics basic, and the added effect of eating humans doesn't make the concept any more fun to play.

Why aren't you listening to me

To be honest, there's something slightly cynical about Piranh.io. It tries to evolve Slither.io ever so slightly, but not enough to actually improve on it in anyway.

It's still the same dull, pointless, repetitive game it always was, except now there's blood, so it's a bit "wackier" than before.

It has a worse control scheme, annoying power-ups, and less fun than a funeral. Avoid at all costs.