Did you know that the Apple TV works with Bluetooth controllers? That's right - instead of trying to play Galaxy on Fire with a thin black rectangle, you can use something with buttons and sticks and ergonomics.

As long as it's a Made for iPhone (MFi) controller, and the game is compatible (it will say so in the Apple TV App Store), you just need to hook up the controller and start playing.

How do you hook up the pad, I hear you ask? Just follow this very simple guide.

Find the settings app


Return to the Apple TV home screen (press the button on the remote that looks like a TV set) and find the settings app. The icon is of a silver cog.

Go into remotes and devices


Find "remotes and devices" on the settings list, and load that page. Under the list of other devices, hit Bluetooth.

Turn on your controller


Turn on your controller, and put it into Bluetooth discoverable mode. How you do this depends on the controller, so check the instructions that came with the joypad.

In most cases it involves holding down the Bluetooth button for a few seconds.

When the controller appears in the list of Bluetooth devices on the Apple TV, click on it.

Use it


The controller will now be connected. You can use it to control menus using A and B to enter and exit screen. When you're in the game, hold the pause button on your controller to return to the Apple TV menu screen.