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Cliffy Jump is an isometric endless runner out now on Android in which you run around a variety of voxel environments, leaping over traps and obstacles.

There are 10 stages to complete that each offer different visuals and music. You'll have to complete all of them in sequence without dying or your progress is reset, giving it an element of roguelike.

The levels are brief enough that it won't be frustrating should you have to start over, and each stage is different enough that it remains fresh each time.

There are 61 characters in total to unlock, 51 of which are earned via IAP or by playing the in-game lottery. The remaining 10 can only be unlocked by playing.

It's suitable for all ages and is an ideal game to play with your friends or children, competing to see who can make it to the end without dying.

Cliffy Jump is out now on Google Play [download].