Sick Bricks is another mobile game that lets you transfer toy characters from the real world into the virtual world. You know, like Skylanders and Disney Infinity.

You can buy the brick figures and playsets from the various retailers listed on the Sick Bricks website. Then, through the wonder of technology, you can bring them to life inside the game.

Doing this also unlocks new powers for you to use as the body parts of each character can be swapped. This means that you can customise the playable character with hundreds of combinations.

Speaking of which, you play as the hero Jack Justice in the Sick Bricks mobile game. As him, you're trying to take back Sick City from Overlord Omega and all his goons.

You do this by ransacking over 100 enemy hideouts around Sick City's 10 neighbourhoods. You first have to find the hideout, battle the goons inside, and then pick up all the loot after.

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Once all the hideouts are cleared, the neighbourhood should restore to its former glory. Oh, and all of the neighbourhoods are themed - Monster, Ninja, Space, and so on. So there's variation among this repetitious mission.

You can download the Sick Bricks game for free on the App Store and Google Play. The toy figures will cost you money, of course.
If you want more information on Sick Bricks, the game or the toys, head over to its website.