The Samsung Gear VR has been on the shelves since just before Christmas, and the games are really starting to emerge. Indie developer nDreams has been teasing us with its controller-less VR shooter Gunner for some time now, so you'll be excited to hear that it's finally available for download.

Flight of fantasy

Gunner has been co-published by Oculus itself, and takes you into the deep black of outer space in a battle against rebel spaceships. You're in the gunner's seat (as the name suggests), charged with the monumental task of keeping the ship in space-worthy condition during battle.

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Where it differs is in the controls. Even though the Gear VR is now a commercial entity, the virtual reality gaming world has yet to settle on a standardised control option. It's always going to vary from game to game, but thus far your fingers are up in-the-air when it comes to VR.

So nDreams decided to dispense with a joypad altogether in Gunner, instead requiring you simply to look at the enemy ships to both aim and fire.

It's live now in the mobile section of the Oculus Rift store as a free demo. The full version is still in reserve, awaiting the long-awaited retail launch of the Oculus Rift, and the paid store that'll accompany it.

But if you're blazing virtual reality trail and are Gear VR-ready, you can go check out Gunner today.

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