In the run up to Christmas, Pocket Gamer has teamed up with the developers behind some of this year's best games to give you ten award-winning iOS games for free. Come back every day for the next two weeks to get your games.

Oh no, it's the last day of our Christmas freebies. And what do have in store? It's the zany multiplayer party game Mucho Party. You can grab it from the App Store right now by following this link.

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Mucho Party starts out the way it intends to carry on. That is, asking you to take a selfie, and then turning it into a clock, tomato, telephone, lemon, or another random object.

Yeah, it's a little barmy but that's what this game is all about. It does come with one caveat, however: you'll want to grab a friend to play it.

You can play Mucho Party in single player, but it's 10x funnier if you have someone on the other end of the iPad. It means you have to fight for space, adding an extra dynamic to the competition. You also get to see their disappointed face when you beat them.

That sorted, the game does the rest. It has 35 games ranging from running and balancing races, to doing the tango and fishing.

It proves to be a lot of fun providing you have the right partner. Plus, the good thing is that it tests everyone's individual skills to change the difficulty accordingly. Meaning everyone should roughly be on the same level.

As Christmas is right around the corner, Mucho Party is worth picking up right now as it's easily one of the most entertaining local multiplayer games on iOS.

And, if your family is anything like mine, Christmas involves plenty of party games. So you should at least get one that you can all enjoy (I can't play Scrabble again, I just can't).

Mucho Party

In our review, we said: "A cracking bundle of well put together games, Mucho Party doesn't disappoint."

And you can get it for the tremendous price of free. Marvellous. Head on over to the App Store to pick it up for zero pennies right now.

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