Briquid Mini is a clever game of liquid manipulation. It's all about clearing a path, tilting your device, and trying not to waste a single drop.

The ideas are all in place to create something special, and while they don't all gel properly, most of them bring enough to the table to make you keep playing.

There are some frustrating things here as well, but the progression is smooth enough that they don't get in the way too much.

Drip drip

You start the game by clearing blocks. Tap one of the bricks on a level and it disappears, and any water that can runs into the newly vacated space.

There are places on the level marked out by yellow-checked lines that show you where you need to get the liquid too.

You don't need to fill the spaces to move on to the next level, but once you hit a percentage you'll unlock the next challenge.

As you progress through the game you need to tilt your device to change the gravity of the stage. This makes the water run in a different direction, and adds an extra level to the puzzles.

Each tilt and tap costs you a move, and when your moves run out your score is totalled up and if you've made enough you can move on to the next level.

Drip feed

Sometimes the tilt controls can be a little too excitable. You can turn them off and replace them with extra taps instead, but making a mistake here usually means you're not going to get the best score.

It all blends together to make an interesting, absorbing experience. There are plenty of levels as well, and enough of a challenge that you'll be pretty pleased when you manage to fully complete some of the harder stages.

Briquid Mini has a few niggles, but if you're looking for a damp puzzler with some fresh ideas, it's well worth a punt.