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By Engine Software - buy on iPhone and iPad (£2.49 / $3.99)

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A wonderfully bright, modern art-infused twitch racer that sees you darting down a tube, tapping or tilting to avoid onrushing obstacles in a brilliantly balanced, expertly put together dance.

Proun+ offers races, checkpoint challenges, and an endless mode that gives you more stars the longer you can keep moving without hitting any obstacles.

There are multiple speed settings as well, so even twitchy novices can have a crack at making it through the 11 tracks unscathed.

Fast, addictive, and most of all a hell of a lot of fun. Proun+ comes highly recommended.

Wars and Battles
By Kermorio - buy on iPad (£4.99 / $6.99)
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A massively in-depth hex-based strategy title that lets you play through the assault on Normandy in World War 2 from either side of the conflict.

It takes a little while to get going, but once it does you'll find an interesting wealth of strategic options that let you change the course of history.

The game looks gorgeous, and there are a huge number of units to get to grips with.

Throw in asynchronous multiplayer and you've got a heavyweight tactical scrapper that's well worth looking into.

Wicked Lair
By Steffan Pratter - download on iPhone and iPad (free)
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A clever mix of tower defence, strategy, and dungeon keeping that sees you trying to stop pesky heroes from entering your subterranean base.

You build new layers for the heroes to fight through, recruiting different kinds of troops as you do. Aan all the while you're sending out your own minions to destroy the village where the adventurers spawn.

There's a surprising depth to proceedings, and it's all wrapped up in gorgeous 16-bit style art that really sparks the experience into life.

Wicked Lair doesn't hold you by the hand, and for a tower defence game on the App Store that's rare. Definitely one that's worth picking up.

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