Wild Wild West has been something of a surprise for me. Not because it isn't based on the Will Smith movie (I sort of figured as much going in), but because it wasn't the sort of game I was expecting.

It might look like a 2D brawler, but in reality it bears far more of a resemblance with a shoot-em-up. I know it sounds weird, but it actually works pretty doggone well. Pardner. Okay that's enough of that.

Reach for the sky

The game is split into several stages that toss a variety of enemies at you to slow you down - or stop you entirely. In fact, losing is a big part of it.

You'll shoot your way through dozens of baddies, get overwhelmed or blown up, then use the coins you've earned to upgrade your cowboy to give you more of an edge.

This process repeats throughout Wild Wild West, but it's not unpleasant. The levels themselves do a pretty good job of mixing things up by including elements like trains you'll need to protect from looters.

And you earn so many coins from round to round it never really feels like much of a grind - even when things start to get rather expensive.

There's a snake in my boot

I'll admit that Wild Wild West is on the simple side, but it can be quite entertaining to pick up and play for a few minutes here and there.

The in-app purchases are also reasonable, and only really serve to speed up your progress by offering you more coins. There's also an option to turn off ads, but as I've been playing I haven't been seeing them very often.

It's probably not going to blow anybody's socks off, but Wild Wild West is a decent amount of arcady fun. You could say you get a lot of… bang for your buck.