Updated: Original list by Matt Thrower, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on March 25nd, 2021.

People are paradoxical. The more technology you give them, the more they yearn for the good old days. That's why mobile stores are rife with emulators and revisions of older games.

Perhaps the most extreme example is the resurrection of choose your own adventure game books. Originally these were physical books that allowed role-players to enjoy a solo dose of their favourite hobby. Now they've become a popular sub-genre on mobile.

Publishers have taken a varied approach to bringing them into the modern age. Some have made straight-up e-book versions of the originals. Others have been reimagined as hybrid action or strategy games. Another interesting thing about the genre is that almost all the top titles are available on both iOS and Android.

Either way, this list of the best should offer a mix of some delicious nostalia tickling, and impressive modern gaming action.