Google has said that it's going to stop labelling the free to play games on its Play Store as free. It's in response to a European Commission report on standards in free to play gaming.

Google will, from September, be instigating a number of changes to comply with the ruling.

Free to play games will be delineated from free games, new measures will be put in place to stop IAP-filled games from targeting children, and there'll be new measures put in place to watch for breaches of the EU law.

Apple on the other hand hasn't supplied a firm timetable for implementing the recommendations. Although it has replied to engadget to say that it already has some pretty robust child protection systems in place on the App Store.

If you can think of a better term for free to play games to go by, then feel free to stick it in the comments below. The best one will win my adulation for a few minutes.