At Sony's press conference on the eve of E3, the company announced that PlayStation Vita will receive PlayStation Now shortly after its beta trial on PlayStation 4 commencing July 31st.

PlayStation Now, if it's somehow passed you by, is a content streaming service that allows users to stream games to a device from a cloud server, rather than download them in their entirety - a bit like that OnLive thing that no one much seemed to much care for when it launched.

The service's beta phase on PlayStation 4 will bring over 100 PlayStation 3 titles to the console, and it's highly likely that the exact same content will be made available for Vita too, since the power of the device running the service has no impact on the complexity or performance of games that can be played, as all technical wizardry is handled in the cloud.

Games coming include Dead Space 3, God of War: Ascension, and Ultra Street Fighter IV, among others.

Though no specifics on prices were detailed, Sony's Shawn Layden highlighted that those participating in the home console beta would have a "direct impact on development of service", potentially affecting the outlay for the service, and that a "range of prices" would be trialled.

The chap from PlayStation also noted that this was "another example of our commitment to the Vita", and that Vita "will remain a key pillar" of PlayStation. Notably, no mention of the service's previously announced appearance on mobile devices was made at the presentation.