What do you get if you take the world and characters of action MMO Arcane Legends and mix it up with the gameplay of Clash of Clans knock-off Battle Command?

Well, we're about to find out, for Spacetime Studios has done just that, and ended up with casual free-to-play strategy game Arcane Battlegrounds.

As ever, you'll need to juggle three tasks at once. So, you'll need to simultaneously build a base, defend your base, and go out and destroy enemy bases.


There are ten units (like warriors, trolls, and dragons); defensive items like catapults, cannons, towers, and bombs; alliances where you can support other players; and a trophy system to record your wins and losses.

So far, so Clans. So, I asked Spacetime Studios to convince me that its game was any different from Supercell's juggernaut.

"War Games gives players the opportunity to test the defensive strength of their kingdom without the loss of troops, which helps prepare for PvP matches," a spokesperson for the studio said.

There are also extra social features and a focus on story.

Convinced? It's available free on Android right now and will be released on the iOS App Store in the coming weeks.