Everyone has a secret gaming addiction. Mine is tennis games. It's a guilty pleasure, built on months of playing Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast.

So whenever a new iOS tennis game shows a bit of promise, I'm the first to leap on it, racquet or bat waving to see what's what.

Table Tennis Touch, which is out right now on the App Store, certainly has promise. It's a gorgeous looking 3D table tennis game with floating bats and clever swipey controls.

There are a variety of modes to whack balls through, and a decent tutorial works you through all the bat handling and ball tossing controls you're going to need to succeed.

An arcade mode lets you test your skills in a series of challenges, and career mode lets you earn your table tennis stripes as you battle through a series of challenging bat-and-ball encounters.

There are some IAPs, but they're mainly for things you don't really need, or that you can unlock as you play the game anyway.

Table Tennis Touch is out right now on the App Store for £2.49 / $3.99, and if you like tennis games then I reckon it's well worth a look.

If you're an Android tennis lover, don't fret, the game is apparently on the way to the Google Play Store too.