Updated: Original list by Matt Thrower, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on April 29th, 2021.

We created the list of best family games for iPhone and iPad that are suitable for kids, and can even be educations in a way. Enjoy!

Unless you're being constructed out of pure money, the chances are you won't have more than one or two iOS devices in your household. 

So, if you then have children, you're hit with a double whammy.

In the first instance, you won't be able to afford multiple mobiles any longer. In the second instance, your offspring will be swiping your expensive toys off you to jab them with their sticky fingers almost as soon as they're old enough to form a fist.

Modern parenting being what it is, you're now encouraged to tolerate this behaviour rather than use your adult strength and size to just swipe it straight back. And who knows: if you let them get away with it, you might just be helping to raise a new generation of gamers.

Rather than try to 'beat' your kids at gaming, then, why not try to join them with our suggested family games for iPhone that young and old alike can enjoy. Possibly even play them together... if you've got the patience.