Knowing how dedicated the Pocket Gamer audience is, chances are you've already popped over to sister site this morning... in between touching up your Pocket Gamer tattoos and washing your Pocket Gamer bed linen, of course.

If you haven't popped over to, however, head on over there now.

That's because things are looking mighty different. Mighty fresh. Mighty sexy.

Next steps

Yes, over the last few months the robots that secretly run Pocket Gamer have been slaving over a redesign for the industry-focused site.

Today, you can finally see the fruits of their mechanical labour.

What's more, this is just the start as far as redesigns go. Next up will be an overhaul of these very pages, based somewhat on the template (though perhaps with a bit less orange).

Head on over to the front page now to check out its new look, or have a read of editor Keith Andrew's welcoming statement summing up just what the new look is trying to achieve.