The voting lines have been closed. The votes have been counted AND verified.

We can now reveal, then, the winners of the 6th Annual Best App Ever Awards.

Because, well, quite frankly there aren't enough hours in an average earth day, we won't list EVERY single winner of a prestigious Best Ever App gong this year here.

Instead, we'll zero in on the winners of categories in which we think you'll be most interested. Blame me later.

So, while DEVICE 6 was busy taking home the award for Most Innovative Game, The Room 2 picked up the trophy for Best Adventure Game.

'Best Sports Game'? Yep, Super Stickman Golf 2 walked away with that trinket. We never saw it again. Probably ended up at the 19th. Again.

Anyway. The Big One. The One They All Wanted. Hush, please.

The winner of the Best App Ever award this year is... DEVICE 6. You may have guessed that from the headline. We can only apologise for ruining the surprise.

The time is now

That said, congratulations to all of the winners. Commiserations to all of the losers. Your time will come.

Want to see the complete list of winners at the Best App Ever Awards? Click on this here hyperlink.

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