Pixel Piracy is a pirate-themed adventure sandbox with roguelike elements. It's currently in alpha on PC and is picking up an enthusiastic fan base.

Yesterday, developer Quadro Delta revealed that Pixel Piracy is to be published by Terraria developer Re-Logic.

As Re-Logic brought Terraria to Vita, iOS and Android, we asked Pixel Piracy producer Alexander Poysky to find out if his game would get the same treatment.

"While we can't guarantee we'll be on mobile or console devices anytime soon, we do plan on it as soon as we reach version 1.0," Poysky said.

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In the game, you'll be able to create your own pint-size pirate captain, hire a crew, and build a ship one block at a time.

From there, you can sail across the seas, getting into firefights with other pirates, plundering them, and even stealing ships.

At all times you have to keep your crew fed and your decks clean. There is also a permadeath mode for those who want to put themselves to the test.

You can find out more about Pixel Piracy on its website. If you're on PC, it can currently be bought on Steam Early Access.