Red's special power is a huge boost of speed forward.

It's most obvious use is a very simple burst of extra speed over a fairly long amount of time. If you're going to use it in this way, then make sure to do so on straights or through very gentle corners.

You should also consider using it on any section of the track in which you head uphill slightly, as these areas usually reduce your speed slightly.

Alternatively you could use the burst of speed to launch off of a ramp or bump in the track. This will keep you in the air for longer, where you'll be safe from most attacks from other racers. You may also want to use it to get to some hard to reach fruits and coins in the more advanced Fruit Splat Challenges.

The boost also gives you a small window of just under three seconds where you're impervious to damage, which allows him to pass through obstacles unscathed.

This turns Red into a (very temporary) juggernaut, and combined with the added injection of speed, it makes him a particularly good character choice to take with you into Time Boom Challenges.

Oh and don't forget that you can jostle with your opponents during races, so try using the boost to ram other racers off the road.

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