This might make you feel old. The Boulder Dash series of games are 30 years old this year. I'll give you some time to accept that.

Rather than let the date pass quietly, TapStar Interactive is celebrating it with a freemium game called Boulder Dash - 30th Anniversary.

The original creators of Boulder Dash, Peter Liepa and Chris Gray, have returned to the game for this anniversary title for the first time in 30 years.

Together they've designed a whole new game with over 50 levels to dig and dash through. Expect new creatures, worlds, power ups, a Dash Mode, and both Rockford and Crystal to be playable.

There's also going to be Cave packs with extra levels for those that want them, presumably for a price. Plus, a Cave editor will be included so you can make your own levels.

If you're up for punching through more dirt and rocks, Boulder Dash - 30th Anniversary will be available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac in early 2014.