An interesting, old school strategy game called Road of Kings almost snuck under the Pocket Gamer radar last week.


As you might guess by the title, the overall goal of Road of Kings is to become a king. Not your friendly constitutional monarch, mind, but a brutal barbarian king who forged his crown from the gold taken from his enemies.

Y'know, the sort of man who knows exactly what is best in life.

Old Conan jokes aside, Road of Kings has a great strategy game aesthetic from its hex-map on down to its hand-drawn character art.

Happily, it also offers two unique paths to victory: you can go opt for straight-up conquest or you can dive into a mystery as you make your way across the expansive and dynamic game world.

Dancing Sorcerer Games promises that "no two adventures are the same" in Road of Kings - and while we can't speak to that, we can say that this one definitely looks like it'll appeal to the Autumn Dynasty crowd.

Road of Kings is available now on Google Play or the App Store. To download it on iOS, click the black button below the trailer.

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