As Sony's 'Festive Giveaways' continue to extend far beyond the traditional season of goodwill, here's another pair of free PSM games to unwrap: Quiet, Please! and Monster Hotel.

Quiet, Please! has pretty much been released on every mobile platform out there. So while we still eagerly await the N-Gage release, this version's your best bet.

Our reviewer had much praise for the game, but criticised its length. 'Despite the painful brevity of the experience, Quiet, Please! is a well-designed little gem that's tightly constructed and very enjoyable', he said.

As for Monster Hotel, we didn't review it. Sorry, chaps. It looks like a time-management game of sorts, based around keeping your monstrous house guests happy by juggling their various wants and needs.

For free, what have you got to lose other than a few megabytes of storage? Dive in.