The waiting is over, but the countdown is only just beginning.

It's all Angry Birds Go! right now.

Yes, that's right: Rovio has just confirmed that Angry Birds Go! will race onto mobile on December 11th, and that it will be free to download.

Go, go, go!

Angry Birds Go! is a new spin on the hugely popular game series. In this upcoming kart racing game, then, the regular cast of birds and evil pigs speed downhill across 3D Piggy Island.

Last month, though, Rovio revealed that you'll be able to use Telepod and Jenga toys in Angry Birds Go!, thus enabling you to 'teleport' new playable racers into the game.

Today, you can get a glimpse of some Angry Birds Go! gameplay in the new trailer below.

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That's not all, mind.

There will be new Angry Birds clothing, accessories, and footwear available in Europe (from Fashion UK and Leomil).

Furthermore, Blueprint is developing Angry Birds stationery, and Penguin Books will be launching sticker books, poster books, and a new Angry Birds Official Guide.

Do you reckon Christmas is almost here or something?

Anyway. Angry Birds Go! will be accelerating onto mobile - presumably iOS and Android - on Decemeber 11th. Remember: it's going to be free.