Slow and steady wins the nuclear arms race - or, it will when TurtleStrike is released for iOS and Android later this week.

TurtleStrike is a quirky real-time strategy battler that has players match teams of turtles armed with everything from catapults to nuclear missiles in an attempt to reign supreme over the reptile kingdom.

Aspiring reptile commanders will have to choose from over a reported 80,000 combinations of weapons and armour as they deploy their adorable armadas - although, really, do you need more than a turtle with a rocket launcher strapped to its back?

Turtle power

In addition to direct attacks, players can exploit status effect weapons like napalm bombs and poison clouds as they punish their opponents.

But TurtleStrike isn't built around fire-and-forget weapons - crafty players can duck around terrain to elude torpedoes or fire off EMP waves to turn your own weapons against you.

As a final bonus, turns in TurtleStrike are all timed and simultaneous, so your games won't be left to the mercy of unresponsive opponents.

If this sounds like something you'd like on your iOS or Android device of choice, TurtleStrike will be available on Google Play and the App Store on Thursday July 25.

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