Welcome to another round-up of the latest news in the mobile industry.

Reading this article is the best way to keep up to speed on the latest handset-related rumours, special network deals, and Apple speculation.

In terms of handset rumours, we have some rather exciting information about Sony's new flagship smartphone that could be with us as soon as September.

There's also news of the latest 4G developments from EE, another price cut for those wonderful Nook HD tablets, and Samsung's plan to one day move away from Android.

This is the news...

Samsung's 'Plan B' put on the backburner?

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is many things to many people.

To Samsung', however, its new flagship smartphone represents a massive opportunity. And not just in the way you'd think.

The theory goes something like this: should Sammy's relationship with Google sour for any reason, The Big S could conceivably turn to the Tizen OS.

And thanks to the Galaxy S4's custom user interface, bespoke icons, and S-Apps, Samsung made sure that people wouldn't be too shocked if Sammy suddenly went down the Tizen route and threw in its lot there.

That's the theory.

If that above tweet is anything to go by, though, it appears that Samsung's backup plan might be faltering.

Here are some MORE details about Sony's new flagship blower

Widely expected to be Sony's new flagship smartphone, the so-called "Honami" will reportedly be available this September.

With a possible 20-megapixel camera; two or even four speakers; a 5-inch Triluminos full HD screen; 4G LTE Advanced support (for speeds of up to 150Mbps); and even 4K (Ultra HD) video recording up its sleeve, this is going to be quite a beast.

In a few leaked screen images, we can spy an all-new camera interface, with many new photographic modes visible, including augmented reality and 'time shift' features.

We can also spot a new system font, revised icons, all-new themes, brand-new menu colours, and updated Sony apps.

The Honami will also boast the same water resistance chops as Sony's other new models. Oh, and a bigger battery.

Nook HD+ is now even cheaper!

Barnes & Noble is continuing to slash pounds off the RRP of its Nook HD tablet line.

You can now snap up the 8GB 7-inch Nook HD for just £99 (8GB model) and the 16GB Nook HD for £129. The 16GB 9-inch Nook HD+ is down to £149, while the 32GB model now retails for £179.

Even though an updated Nexus 7 is likely to be announced at the end of July, the Nook HD still represents the best VfM on an Android tablet.

That is unless there's a further price cut in the next few weeks...

EE goes supersonic

EE is the UK's only current 4G network. Fact #1.

EE is trying to keep one step ahead of whatever its rivals have planned for their autumn LTE launches. Fact #2.

To that end, EE doubled the data speeds in 12 UK cities earlier this week.

So, residents of London, Birmingham, and Cardiff, for example, can now benefit from mobile internet speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Gee whiz.

Furthermore, EE's new Cash On Tap service will soon enable anyone with a Galaxy S3, S4, or Sony Xperia SP on EE to make contactless payments of up to £20 in over 200,000 outlets using the phone as a virtual debit card.