Not ones to foolishly ignore the established 'Rule of three', we've now added a third entry to our growing range of Pocket Gamer Guides.

In The Pocket Guide to Ridiculous Fishing - which is currently free, incidentally - you get a complete breakdown of Vlambeer's delightful multi-coloured tackle box of digital fun.

From a complete Fishopedia to the lowdown on the game's many power-ups, it's all here in a handy and easy-to-access format.

Fishing for more

And if you missed our first two Pocket Gamer Guides, don't feel bad: we all lead busy lives.

Quick recap, then: to date, we've published The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Galaxy on Fire 2 and The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Bubble Witch Saga on the App Store.

Both are available on iPad and iPhone, and both contain in-depth tips, tricks, and strategies to help you achieve gaming supremacy.

Pocket of love

If you were wondering, by the way, what the 'Pocket' denotes in the The Pocket Guide to Ridiculous Fishing, let me explain.

These 'Pocket' guides are smaller in scope and nature than their 'Official' counterparts, though their overall mission to assist players in conquering the game in question remains intact.

So, if you're having trouble with Vlambeer's absurdly wonderful take on angling, The Pocket Gamer Pocket Guide to Ridiculous Fishing could be just what you need.

It won't cost you a penny / cent, and it's available for iPad from the App Store right now [download].