Each week, thousands of new games hit the iOS App Store and Google Play on Android. Trying to separate the wheat from the chaff is a tough job, and no mistake.

We like to think that we do a pretty good job of it with our news articles, mid-week round-ups, reviews, and features, mind.

But, we want to know what YOU think.

Today, we're asking you to pick the best game that was released on iOS and Android this week (from some nominations), and then we'll present that winner in an article next Monday.

There are loads of places to vote. Leave a comment on this article, reply to our Game of the Week tweet, vote on Facebook, or just say the game's name over and over in your head while rubbing your temples.

The nominations

The Walking Dead: Assault (iPhone, iPad) Play through the events of Robert Kirkman's record-breaking comic book series in this "official" episode-based game. The first instalment - Days Gone By - lets you play as Rick, Shane, Lori, and others.
Arcane Legends (iPhone, iPad, Android) Cartoonish MMORPG questing at its finest, Arcane Legends encourages you to team up with players from around the world to complete quests and defeat baddies. Quest high enough, and you can unlock your own pet. D'awww.
Magic Orbz (iPhone, iPad) A classic arcade-style bouncing ball game, Magic Orbz tasks you with clearing obstacles across 42 gorgeously rendered gameworlds. Similar in spirit to Arkanoid, the game boasts 3D graphics and power-ups that make this one stand out.
Towers & Dungeons (iPhone, iPad) Like most tower builders, this one lets you build your tower up to the clouds. Unlike most tower builders, it also lets you dig down into the earth and build an increasingly absurd amount of basements.
Writer Rumble (iPhone, iPad) Give Poe the old what for and send Jane Austin down to the canvas with this brainy brawler. Build long words on screen and punish your opponent with damage dealt by your expansive vocabulary.
Sailboat Championship (iPhone, iPad, Android) So close to actual sailing that you'll worry about scurvy, Sailboat Championship lets you take the helm of a virtual armada of slick sloops as you race them - nautical style - to win prestigious gold trophies.