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X-Runner is a fast-paced endless-runner set in the far reaches of space. In it, you're tasked with avoiding barriers and other hazards and travelling as far as you possibly can.

Just like every other endless-runner, basically.

Anyway, this game is chock-full of power-ups, including Invincible and Invisible perks that allow you to smash or walk straight through any hazards you may stumble across.

X-Runner features more than 40 Game Center-powered achievements to unlock, and the ability to share your high scores with your buddies.

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Super Snake HD

Do you remember the Nokia 3210? If so, you probably also remember Snake - the monochrome arcade game in which you took control of a hungry reptile.

That infamous game has been updated for the iPhone and iPad, and it now features fancy colourful graphics and 100 levels spread across five different worlds.

Furthermore, it features multiplayer. Yes, you can compete in head-to-head battles with your buddies. You don't even need multiple devices.

If you're interested in achievements, you'll be pleased to read that Super Snake HD contains more than 30 of the blighters.

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