The team behind the upcoming Ouya games machine has revealed on its blog that its console, which was initially going to be powered by Android 4.0, will in fact hit the market running Android 4.1 (a.k.a. Jelly Bean).

Development-wise, the $99 Ouya box is currently in the middle of a rigorous Engineering Verification Testing (EVT) phase. This phase allows the console's manufacturer to verify its design design, weed out any issues, and check performance limits.

The guys behind the Ouya console have stated that this EVT phase will be completed "on time", and that the Ouya SDK and Developer Portal will be released as planned sometime next month.

According to the aforementioned blog, developers don't have to wait until December to begin creating games for the Ouya, though. Devs can apparently pick up any Tegra 3-powered Android tablet and begin testing titles for the Ouya now.

In case you've forgotten, all of Ouya's games will be available to download for free. Some games will require you to unlock the full experience via in-app purchases, while others will be completely free-to-play experiences.