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King of Opera
By Tuokio Inc. - download for iPhone and iPad

In King of Opera, you have to fight your way to fame and fortune. You can battle it out against AI-controlled opponents or against up to three other players from around the world.

Basically, you take control of a tenor who spins wildly in circles, and attempt to knock your rival tenors off-stage.

Back in June, this spin-'em-up received Game Center support in an update. There are ten different trophies to bag.

Bounty Avenger
By OniArt - download for iPhone and iPad

Evil scientists have created a cyborg army that's hell-bent on destroying everything in its path. Luckily, you're a bit of a badass, and you have a rather impressive arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal.

This action-packed title features an unlimited number of stages, and plenty of Game Center-powered leaderboards and achievements.