We've been waiting impatiently for some decent PS3 games to get with the Remote Play programme for Vita, because, let's be honest, that's about all we can do. Wait.

But, hark, is that the sound of a trio of top-notch games now available to play remotely on our Vitas? Indeed it is.

Over on the EU PlayStation Blog, PS Vita European product manager Adam Grant has announced that Vita owners can get stuck into both ICO HD and Shadow of the Colossus HD, remastered versions of the two iconic PlayStation titles, via Remote Play.

What this means is that you can boot up your PlayStation 3, connect your Vita to the console via wi-fi, and then play both games on your Vita anywhere in your house.


Grant also confirmed that the God of War Collection is also now available to play via Remote Play - another classic set of titles remade in HD.

If you want to take advantage of these Remote Play treats, make sure you download the latest patch for your PS3, then get playing.

We recommend you start with Shadow of the Colossus - it's a bit of a corker.