The time has come. William "Will" Wilson is off to pastures new. Literally, in this case, for our esteemed deputy editor is fleeing the warm bosom of Steel Media to look after the My Horse community, and something to do with breaking their backs. Takes all sorts.

Will came on board the runaway PG train way back in the distant mists of September 2009. Sadly, we've had to decommission his third-anniversary cake mere days before the event. Such is life.

If you can cast your minds back to Will's curiously unheralded arrival, he started off as a humble freelancer, gleefully trotting out sparkling copy, while making 'hire me' eyes at Rob. And hire him we did, handing him the prestigious title of smartphone editor shortly thereafter.

Fast-forward nearly two years to August 2011, and it was fairly obvious to anyone with vaguely functioning eyeballs that he was pretty damned good at this word-writing lark. Thus, he was promoted to deputy editor.

Body of evidence

Over the course of his ludicrously busy tenure, The Mighty Wilson built up a fearsome body of work: 299 reviews, an almighty 1,282 news stories, 115 previews, 75 features, and 16 interviews, to be exact. That's a lot of words about mobile games - you should have seen his Skype chat logs as well. WORDS.

He was even a bit of a charmer behind the microphone, with his silky radio voice audible on more than 100 podcasts. Such talents have been duly recognised, with the PG podcast recently picking up a nomination at the forthcoming Games Media Awards.

But, rather than help him fulfil his late-night radio DJ destiny, those fine folks over at NaturalMotion decided his talents would be best used managing its feisty community of drag-racing, horse-whispering, back-breaking, Jenga-meddling game fiends.

Will Wilson said of his tumultuous tenure: "It has been an absolute pleasure working with such a fantastic crew these past (almost) three years, and writing for such a brilliant (and handsome) audience."

"I started out reviewing Java titles (remember them?) and the occasional DS original game (remember that?), so I've been fortunate enough to have covered the mobile and portable industries as they transformed into the powerhouse of gaming they are today. I've also had about a million jokes cut from my first drafts, much to my annoyance."

"But, now I'm off to move to neighhh-bouring Oxford and 'race' onto a new chapter in my life... Okay, I'm starting to get why you all keep cutting my jokes out.

"Can I do a 'the birthday cake is a lie' one? What do you mean 'no'?"


Pocket Gamer editor-in-chief Kristan Reed said of Will's departure: "I've only managed to clock up a piddling seven months working alongside Will, but it has been a pleasure throughout."

"He's one of the good guys, and he even respectfully allowed me to win the punching competition at last week's Pocket Gamer Gamescom party. That's the kind of guy he is. [*cough* yes, yes, I did - Will]"

"I wish him all the best with the new job, and with finding somewhere to park the car in Oxford city centre. And with breaking horses' backs. Weirdo," Reed added.

Taking over from Will is the pleasantly fragrant Mark Brown, who has picked up admiring glances from some of the most respected names in games editorial. And not just for his beaming face and sublime beard.

On the prospect of taking over the still-warm chair from Will, outgoing PG features ed Mark said: "I'm very excited to be taking the the helm here at Pocket Gamer, and I'm looking forward to discovering the future of handheld and mobile games."

"And while Will can gloat all he wants about CSR Racing's $12-million-a-month revenue, we all know that freemium is a fad and will blow over soon, right? Right?"