Another day, another slightly iffy app on the App Store. This time around, a game called Metal Slug Deluxe 2012 from OYEFaction has got our scam detector all hot and bothered, mainly because - well - it's not a Metal Slug game.

The artwork and gameplay aren't directly lifted from the classic arcade-shooter (which recently re-appeared on iOS), but this is certainly a case of a developer looking to cash in on a pre-existing franchise's name.

If you were wondering why the game's developer describes it as a "reel shot puzzle game" on its App Store product page despite it looking like a side-scrolling shooter in the screenshots... well, who knows? I mean, it's definitely a side-scrolling action game. Also - what the heck IS a "reel shot puzzle game"?

In fairness, I've had a go and it's not a completely terrible title, although it is a bit of an in-app purchase minefield. If you want to play Metal Slug, though, I'd recommend sticking with the real deal.

Expect this one to be pulled within days.