One of the top Facebook game developers, Buffalo Studios, made its first foray into the realm on mobile gaming on Monday with the release of Bingo Rush.

The iOS Bingo Rush is a single-player freemium version of Buffalo’s Bingo Blitz, a current Top 10 Facebook game.

Like its Facebook predecessor, Bingo Rush is a 'reinvention of bingo' – a game which is hardly synonymous with action or high-stakes wining.

Follow the bouncing ball

In order to translate the social Bingo Blitz into the single-player Bingo Rush, several minor changes have been made to adjust the pacing of the game.

A player’s success on a level is gauged by how many bingos they can collect in a timed round. Players can control the speed and pace of the game with a 'Next Ball' button which advances to the next ball and saves them seconds if the number called is not on their card.

Additionally, players receive power-ups that fill up multiple spaces on the board with a single blitz and may opt to purchase Elite Power-Ups to change the steady pace of a standard bingo game.

Bingo Rush is available on the App Store for free (download button is just below this text), although players are limited by the amount of hands they can play due to the cost of bingo cards available on each level.