LG has confirmed that the middle-child of its L-series Android handsets, the Optimus L5, will be arriving in the UK, Germany, and France later this month.

Those who need the most cutting-edge phone on the market would be wise to look elsewhere for their next Android handset, because the L5 is one of the few phones in 2012 to clock in at under 1GHz - 800MHz to be precise.

Despite this lack of horsepower, the phone still runs the latest version of Google’s OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, probably thanks to the fact it has 512MB of RAM sitting inside.

See and believe

The 3.2-inch screen means the resolution is a fairly paltry 320 x 480, but on the flipside this means the 1500mAh battery doesn’t need to do half as much pixel-pushing as a result.

The Optimus L5 doesn’t appear to be scheduled for a US release, but will be making its way across to every other continent later in the year.