Former Infinity Ward employee and Call of Duty strategist Robert Bowling has formed a new development studio called Robotoki, which will create games for the PC, next-gen consoles, and, of course, mobiles.

According to Bowling, the new studio will only partner with those that support an environment in which creative vision holders have complete control over their work, and can maintain a project from start to finish.

Unfortunately, there aren't currently any details on the company's planned first release, but we do know the studio's focus. Robotoki will focus on creating "a universe first, experiences second, and game mechanics last". This will allow the studio to create experiences that transcend platforms and offer something unique to a user's device.

Basically, Bowling wants to make mobile games that don't simply mimic their console counterparts. He believes that an experience shouldn't be strictly single-player, co-op, or multiplayer, but should be fuelled by a player's "actions and contributions" in each.

Robotoki will announce its first title sometime this year.

IGN / Game Informer [via CVG]