Nintendo has confirmed that troubled UK high store retailers GAME and Gamestation will not be selling the upcoming 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising, due to hit shelves next Friday.

This mean that Kid Icarus fans will have to turn to other high street and online retailers such as Zavvi, Amazon, and HMV to get their hands on a copy of the game.

Kid Icarus: Uprising, which recently landed a perfect 40/40 score from Japanese weekly mag Famitsu, won't be the first 3DS title to be noticeably absent from GAME's and Gamestation's inventory, following the non-appearance of Tekken 3D: Prime Edition on their store shelves last month.

AR you serious?

Plans to distribute an 24-card AR card pack as a pre-order bonus for the game appear to have been scrapped, as well.

Nintendo of Europe announced this pre-order bonus last month, but it's failed to notify fans about which retailer is offering the bonus AR card pack. Pocket Gamer has contacted Nintendo for clarification on this.

Kid Icarus: Uprising will be released on Nintendo 3DS on March 23rd.

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