Next week, at a special event held during GDC in San Francisco, members of the PG team will unveil the winners of the Pocket Gamer Awards 2012 to a room full of tipsy industry types.

"Why do I care about what those PG fools think are the best pocket gaming titles of 2011? I know a good game when I see one, and don't need no help."

Okay, a little aggressive (and it's 'any help', by the way), but fair enough - you're entitled to your opinion. Which is why we also run the Pocket Gamer Readers' Choice Awards 2012.

But, you'll need to hurry because the open nominations stage - where anyone can put forward the games he thinks deserve ultimate recognition (as long as they were either reviewed on PG or released during 2011) - is coming to a close.

So, if you've not done anything about it yet, now is your (final-ish) chance. Nominate your favourites, and show us how foolish we've been in our own choices.

Well, nominate your favourites, at least. Tsk.