Mojang's Daniel Kaplan has taken to his company's blog to explain exactly where the highly anticipated Survival update to iOS and Android build-'em-up Minecraft - Pocket Edition has got to.

According to Kaplan's blog post, the initial Minecraft - Pocket Edition code "didn't exactly fit" with the monsters, resources, animals, different blocks, and other features requested by players.

Therefore, Mojang has been hard at work reorganising and rewriting "the whole plan" for its mobile title.

"We have planned to submit and update by February the 8th. Then Android Market and the iOS App Store must approve it," Kaplan said.

Dig deeper

The forthcoming update will introduce "a lot" of background changes that will support the Survival elements of the game, as well as "neat looking" animals and all-new blocks.

Doors and fences will also be included.

Crafting, unfortunately, won't be present in the next iteration of Minecraft - Pocket Edition, due to a tricky GUI redesign that needs implementing.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition is available on the Android Market for £4.29 [buy], and on the App Store as a Universal title for £4.99 / $6.99 [buy]

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