With a new generation of handhelds boasting 3D displays and super-impressive visuals, battery life has become a serious concern for consumers.

One gamer has taken it upon himself to put the newly released (in Japan) PS Vita up against Nintendo's 3DS and the PSP to see which console's battery can last the longest.

Fortunately for we busy folk, said curious gamer then posted the results on YouTube in a video which uses time-lapse photography. Otherwise, well, we'd still be watching it at midnight.

In the red corner...

The PS Vita tested is a wi-fi / 3G model equipped with a standard battery and running a copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

The Nintendo 3DS under the microscope, meanwhile, is The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary model running Monster Hunter 3G with the 3D slider turned up.

Finally, there's the PSP-3000 limited edition Hunter's model designed with an expanded battery for extensive play sessions. It's running a copy of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.


So, who wins?

1st place = the PSP, which ran out of juice after nine hours.
2nd place = the PS Vita, which gave up the ghost after three hours and 47 minutes.
3rd place = the 3DS, which kicked the proverbial bucket after two hours and 35 minutes.

Don't despair too much, mind, owners of the PS Vita, for Sony is developing an external battery option. While you wait for that, check out the video prizefight below.

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