The PSN Store app released for PlayStation-certified tablets has been tweaked by unaffiliated developers to run on the Xperia Play, blogger XperiaGamer has discovered.

It's still not possible to download games using the app, however, and it's not fully functional in the UK, displaying the message, “This service is not available in your region” (it requires a Japanese login). But it's nonetheless a demonstration of how the PlayStation Network might be applied to the smartphone.

The application can be found on the XDA developer forums – a notable hub of Android activity and ingenuity.

Xperia Play users have so far only been offered the same small selection of games since the device was released, including Cool Boarders 2, Crash Bandicoot, WipEout, and Destruction Derby. There have been no new additions despite requests from fans, and many of the most popular games from the system like the Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid franchises have still not been confirmed for the device.