Trendy Entertainment's Unreal Engine-powered Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave will be available through Apple's App Store tomorrow as a free update to tower defence outing Dungeon Defenders: First Wave.

The update introduces wholesale changes to the game's controls, which were a major gripe when we reviewed First Wave back in January. Former iOS maestro Tracy commented: "The core of the game is solid, it's the interface and controls that ruin the experience."

Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave will ship with "chase cam" as its default controls, meaning you can move via an invisible anolog stick on the left-hand side of your screen, and shift the game's camera with flicks of the right-hand side.

There's also a touchpad control scheme to test out, and a "completely user controlled camera mode". The latter allows you to zoom in and out by flicking up and down on your screen, and spin the camera with lateral swipes.

The two veg

Furthermore, Trendy Entertainment has tweaked the game's menus and made them mobile-friendly (or readable, in other words), upped the level cap set by First Wave to 80, and added a purchasable Player-versus-Player mode.

You can grab Dungeon Defenders: First Wave in anticipation of tomorrow's update for £1.99 / $2.99.

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