Dungeon Defenders dev targeting ‘hardcore’ audience with Xperia Play

Out for the grind?

Dungeon Defenders dev targeting ‘hardcore’ audience with Xperia Play

Xperia Play users are part of a 'more hardcore crowd' and are ‘looking for grind’, according to Trendy Entertainment development director Jeremy Stieglitz.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Stieglitz said Trendy's tower defence-cum-RPG Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave was developed for Sony Ericsson's handset with this in mind, to the point where new features have been included to appeal to this group of gamers.

“[We added] a gameplay mode targeted towards the hardcore crowd: a Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena mode called ‘Dungeon Defenders Arena'," Stieglitz revealed.

“Putting the Arena mode in the general Android / iOS version of the game would have been overwhelming to many casual gamers...we felt that especially with the Xperia Play, that's what our players are looking for: a hardcore experience of character building that can be punishing, but ultimately so-very-rewarding.”

Those that have already rinsed the dungeons clean of nasty attackers and giant ogres should keep their eyes open in the future, as Trendy Entertainment is also planning “to support these players by releasing more-challenging missions and modes as well as improved competitive play.”