Developer Com2uS has brought new free-to-play MMORPG Dungeon Fantasy Online to the App Store, albeit with one minor catch.

Unfortunately, the game - along with its description - is only available in Korean, making our news reporting job a heck of a lot harder.

We've put our heads together, combined our knowledge of the Korean language, thought long and hard, and resorted to using Google's translation service to extract any information we can.

The details

Dungeon Fantasy Online, unlike Gameloft's MMO Order & Chaos Online, allows you to play over both wi-fi and 3G networks, and merges a variety of quests with a solid storyline.

From looking at the game's top in-app purchases, we detect you can own several pets, such as a Firebird, a turtle, or a cyclops. You can also splash real cash on a Runestone or three, which we assume is a form of currency, and health potions.

You also have the ability to chat, join guilds, and jump into Player versus Player battles (PvP).

Grab Dungeon Fantasy Online from the App Store right now, but bear in mind the Korean 'issue'. The developer does promise an English translation of the game will be released soon.

Check out the video below for a sneak peak at the action.

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