The paid for version of Pocket Devil was released back October 2009, and has since been updated 15 times.

But apparently some people don't want to drop 99c without getting their hands, claws, cloven hooves etc on some action for free.

So it is that Pocket Devil Lite arrives on the App Store.

The free version of the game that has you torturing little devils (called Mugat2), it provides you with 50 of the little critters per day to do your worst with, although you're only provided with a limited selection of weaponry and pointy items compared to the main game.

The release does feature three of the most popular mini-games from the full version however: Rise from Hell, Slapfest, and Slingshot.

It does freeze over apparently

As for the main 99c game, its new update - Happy Helladays - gives you a snow-covered, icy underworld with a pack of holiday-inspired costumes - reindeer, elves, snowmen, zombie Santa - for the devils to wear. At least until you throw them into the high-voltage Christmas tree.

You can also take your minions down the snow-covered slopes of DownHell Slalom for a mini skiing adventure that's bound to end badly.

You can get the 99c, €0.79 or 59p version of Pocket Devil using the App Store button below, or check out the Lite version on this iTunes link.