The ever-versatile Namco mascot Pac Man is back. Not for another maze-based chomp-a-thon this time, nor a lame kart racing game with tenuous links to the original source material. Instead, he’s decided to try his hand at the puzzle genre.

Pac-Chain involves tapping any touching ghosts of the same colour to make them vanish before their columns build up to the top of the screen.

To make things a little more complicated, Pac-Chain also involve the titular round man sitting around on one of the columns.

During play, he can be flicked around to munch up power pills, which results in all the ghosts turning their traditional blue, ripe for the munching.

There are two modes to play through – Endless and Scramble – with the latter sticking rigidly to a time-limit. The resulting score from your mad dash can then be posted up onto Facebook to annoy and sadden your friends in equal measure.

Pac-Chain has just released on the New Zealand App Store, so should be arriving in the UK at midnight priced at £2.99/$4.99/€3.99.